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Good Day.

The Commissioner of the NAL here to tell you that if you want to play in the Diamond Federation - you want to play in the NAL.

- We run an IWA credit tournament called the NAL Classic. For a $5 entry fee, your wrestler can be entered into a 16 man tournament, with the winner taking $70 in IWA Credit, and the other finalist receiving $10 in IWA credit. The tournament lasts for 5 cycles. The first 3 cycles consist of a 4 man, round robin points series. The winner of each 4 man group will then advance to a single elimination, knockout final 4 bracket
- When we have over 50 cards, we become a credit league. Yeah you can get IWA credit for winning NAL league
- For every $12 match deal you play, you receive a free BR entry
- If you can win League, Tag Team and Six Man all with the same wrestler, you win the NAL Vault prize of free matches. This prize increases by 5 free matches every cycle.
- There is a 10 wrestler limit. I feel that is a good limit number. It's not too large that a small roster manager will be intimidated by other managers rosters, but not so small to be restrictive to anyone who does like to use more wrestlers in a league
- We're an Asiatic league. There's that.
- There will be more that keeps getting added. Honestly I've just been doing this for a handful of cycles now, and we've already grown into arguably the best league in Diamond.

Just to get an idea. Here's a copy of the most recent NAL Report.

I hope to see you all there soon.


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