The Monday Night League

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The Monday Night League

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Gents, this was posted on the Dungeon last night and I wanted to get it over here too. If you have questions, you can ask here, on the dungeon or PM or email me directly at I will not be commishing the league but Andy Konik along with Michael Cook and Adam Sullivan will. Because of my time in the MRL, I am offering them any help that they might want or need. And I think the timing is right to benefit the IWA so I am fully behind their vision and concept.

Presenting...the Monday Night League!!!

From the years 1995 through 2001, we were all captivated by wrestling for one reason, and one reason only: the Monday Night Wars. Now you can relive those great moments, and make your own, in this new league that captures the thrill ride of the WWF, WCW, and ECW in the mid-1990s. In this special league, there will be THREE commissioners, each owning one of the "big 3" promotions. Wrestlers will be signed, jump ship, and even FIRRRRRRRRRED based on their ability to win 5-star matches and cut memorable promos. There will be an all out ratings war with tons of free matches and crazy prizes to go around for anyone willing to hop into the squared-circle, deliver a memorable rant, and stomp a mudhole in their opponents.

This league is THE place for unique prizes and Viscera-sized amounts of free matches. We will be GIVING AWAY 180 FREE MATCHES in the first two cycles, and that's just the beginning!

High Level Details:
- Bronze Fed
- Starting in the March 2018 cycle (two cycles after February 2018)
- Credit league
- Four wrestlers maximum per manager
- All new wrestlers, no transfers
- Stable initials allowed (but you will need to slash, more on that below)
- Wrestlers must resemble a wrestling gimmick from 1995-2001, but not be named exactly after the wrestler. Slight variations are fine, but you can also be creative. We will work with you if you need help!
- Women gimmicks ARE allowed as wrestlers (they were a big part of the Monday Night Wars!)
- Specialty status (TBD on which title)

Rules and Regulations

Registering and Choosing Gimmicks:
If you have what it takes, email Kim ( with your commitment to participate right now. On Friday, February 16th at 5 PM EST we will go live to air with gimmick selection (NO RESERVATIONS, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE). Anytime after that, you can post your selections in our messageboard threads, email them to, or tell us directly via any method with a timestamp (since this is first come, first serve). Please read the section below on tiers before claiming a wrestler. Controlling a wrestler that was popular in real life does not entitle you to anything in this league. Scotty 2 Hotty is just as likely as Sting to be the WCW Champion. It will come down to participation and writing.

If you have questions, please email We kindly ask that you first read through the rules and regulations before asking a question. Your question might be answered somewhere below!

WCW: Todd Tenor (Andy Konik)
WWF: Vincent Eisenhower McMasters (Adam Sullivan)
ECW: Paul Halfman (Mike Cook)

Tier 1 Wrestlers:
- We have designated 30 wrestlers as Tier 1 gimmicks (full list at bottom of thread).
- Each manager is only allowed one Tier 1 gimmick.
- Apart from that there is nothing special about these gimmicks in terms of gameplay.
- We just want to make sure we spread the popular gimmicks around.
- This will also protect against someone taking four big names and then going inactive.
- Each of the commissioners will also control one top tier wrestler. This helps to ensure the league always has good storylines with top personalities.

The Draft:
- Everyone will start in the Indies without a contract for the first four cycles so the commissioners can get a look at your ring and mic skills. They want to make sure you can talk the talk and cut the mustard, so use this as an opportunity to grab their attention while also scoring some big time free matches.
- Ahead of cycle #5, there will be an online draft (it will also be published in the bulletins)
- 90% of the wrestlers will be drafted to one of the big 3 promotions, while the others will remain in the Indies to cut their teeth.
- Once signed to a promotion, you will be eligible to earn that promotion's rewards and commissioner titles.
- You MUST slash your promotion on your wrestler once they are signed (eg: EDGE/WCW: Solid Stone Steve Boston). This helps up keep track of things easier and will let us do a lot of really cool things that would take too much time and energy otherwise
- If someone goes inactive or gets fired, the owners will be looking to the Indies for fresh talent so if you're not drafted right away, keep working hard and your time will come!

- From time to time, a rival promoter may try to lure you to their brand with free matches or unique prizes.
- It's up to you if you jump ship like Rick Rude or stay loyal to your company like the 'Taker.
- The owners will be looking to invest their free matches in guys who will stick around, so choose wisely.
- You can only defect to another promotion once per year.
- Owners can fire a wrestler from their promotion at any time. So if you go inactive or aren't contributing to the bottom line in the ratings war, you might be sent packing (more on the ratings war below).
- There will always be some hungry whippersnappers in the Indies waiting to take your place.

Free matches:
- Each owner will earn free matches to distribute to their wrestlers or to sign away talent from rival promoters.
- The amount of matches each owner earns will depend on the ratings war (more on the ratings war below).
- Free match giveaways are at the discretion of the owner and could be tied to commissioner titles, great trash talk, front page wins, and more.

The Ratings War:
- Each promotion will earn ratings based on quantity of trash talk, number of battle royal entries, televised matches signed, and front page titles won.
- We will publish the full details of this system in Cycle #1.
- The ratings each cycle will determine how many matches your owner gets to distribute.
- If you want to make bank like Wallstreet, you need to win matches and cut promos otherwise your owner may end up looking more like IRS.
- The more free matches your owners earn, the more free matches you stand to make. If you're not putting butts in seats, you may find yourself back in the Indies.

So if you think you have the attitude to play with the big boys, sign up now!

Tier One Wrestler List:
(Real Life Promotion): Gimmick Name
(ECW) The Sandman
(ECW) Terry Funk
(ECW) Shane Douglas
(ECW) Taz
(ECW) Mike Awesome
(ECW) Raven
(ECW) Tommy Dreamer
(ECW) Steve Carino
(ECW) Jerry Lynn
(ECW) Justin Credible
(WCW) Randy Savage
(WCW) Ric Flair
(WCW) Hollywood Hulk Hogan
(WCW) Lex Luger
(WCW) Sting
(WCW) Goldberg
(WCW) Kevin Nash
(WCW) Scott Hall
(WCW) Diamond Dallas Page
(WCW) Booker T
(WCW/WWF) The Giant/The Big Show
(WWF) Brett Hart
(WWF) Triple H
(WWF) Kurt Angle
(WWF) The Undertaker
(WWF) Stone Cold Steve Austin
(WWF) Kane
(WWF) The Faces of Foley (counts as one wrestler/gimmick)
(WWF) The Rock
(WWF) Shawn Michaels

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Re: The Monday Night League

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I'll be there.

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